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Heating and Air conditioning Comfort Specialist


The Limited Liability Company was formed in March 2011 and is based in Iron Station, North Carolina. Iron Station is thirty minutes from Charlotte, North Carolina and most surrounding areas. Ethan Proctor, the owner, was born in Charlotte, North Carolina and grew up in Mooresville, North Carolina. Ethan has more than twenty years experience in the HVAC industry, completed HVAC School at Central Piedmont Community College and graduated from Mooresville High School where he attended Technology Center HVAC for three years.

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Above Average Heating & Air Conditioning, LLC opening its doors in March 2011 servicing the Charlotte and surrounding area. Our focus and mission is bring back quality customer service and craftsmanship to the HVAC industry. Owned and operated by Ethan Proctor, Above Average knows that in today‚s economy it is very important to get the best quality product and service for the best value. Licensed and Bonded in North Carolina, Above Average can provide service and installation for any of your residential and light commercial needs. Above Average is a licensed dealer of Amana products and registered with GoodCare Warranty Service Program. We service and repair all makes and brands of equipment, excluding oil.

HVAC Myth Busters
Myth: You save more money on electric bill by turning off heat or air conditioning when you're not home.


Buster: It actually cost more money and uses more electricity to heat or condition your home from the off position than it does to set the thermostat at no more than 5 degrees above desired temperature when you're not home.


Myth: Closing off vents in the floor/ceiling will help deflect air to other areas of the home.


Buster: Air distribution has to be dampered at the main trunk line.


Myth: If you're not having and heating and conditioning issues there is no need to have my system serviced.


Buster: It is important to have your system serviced twice a year to keep it running efficiently and increase the life of the system. It is like a car if you don't get it serviced regularly, it will not last as long or run as well.

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